Murder and insurance masterminds; Two old ladies shock police over murder

March 10th, 2009 - 7:03 pm ICT by David M N James  

A duo of sweet old ladies shocked the world with a heinous murder trail and a fraudulent intent that saw them commit murder most foul. In search for money and wealth through dubious modes Helen Golay, 77, left, and Olga Rutterschmidt, 75, were accused of taking out life insurance policies on homeless men and then killing them. According to a latest Dateline episode, the two conspirators managed to run a web of murder and fraud successfully until the forty days of any criminal ended.

According to a Presbyterian Church leader Pastor Chuck Suhayda, the two women were not your average grannies, but smart poverty eradication lobbyists. Olga was a Hungarian immigrant. She lived some miles east in Hollywood. She did not seem well off on the income ladder. According to locals the two ladies seemed much like someone’s grandmother and quite respectable. There was nothing sinister about them. Their first victim was Kenneth Mc David. They rented him an apartment and paid off some of his bills. He however avoided college, went to radio. He could not hold a job. It was presumed he was schizophrenic. He disappeared mysteriously in the 90s.

The two women Helen and Olga were named in his insurance policy, perhaps as a way to say thanks you for their great contribution to his life. It was then disclosed that Kenneth McDavid was killed by a car in an alley. Helen went to the coroner’s office to collect his body and she arranged the cremation. However, that’s how Helen and Olgabegun their orgy and the suspicions of private detective Webster. According to Dateline excerpts, Kenneth McDavid was found sprawled in that back alley around 1 a.m. on June 22, 2005. Near him lay a bicycle with its front tire off as if the victim had been in mid-repair when he was hit by a passing car.

However, a further investigation by Ed Webster led to a toxicology assessment. The toxicology report showed that Kenneth McDavid had some alcohol in his system which was mixed with a sleeping compound and prescription drugs. On the accident scene, he had a weird ID card. This made the detective smell a rat. Someone wanted to make this look like an accident; he wanted the police to know that the dead guy was McDavid.

The two ladies were entitled to a huge sum of money from the dead guy. Olga one of the beneficiaries was already impatient for her money, had filed a complaint with the California Department of Insurance for lack of payment. Ed Webster managed to net the ladies by putting an LAPD detective on the cue with a camera. The two ladies agreed to a meeting with the MONY insurance official Webster, however, each turned violent since there was no check but a refund of their contributions, the total worth was a mere $1800 that made the two geezers go bonkers. With the encounter on camera, the LAPD cop requested a full surveillance on the ladies.

Helen was traced to a residence over Santa Monica and she was always moving money around doing business of sorts. Helen was traced to an old apartment complex up behind the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Olga was caught on camera saying she was applying for credit under fictitious names and that she was clever not to use her home computer to avoid arrest. Through the surveillance, there were more policies in the name of Kenneth McDavid worth about $5million. This is why the two ladies treasured him so much. The detective discovered more about the heinous cases of the ladies. A similar case involving 73-year-old Paul Vados, dead in an alley coincided with Kens. Vados was covered by eight life insurance policies worth, in total, nearly a million dollars. There was Fred Downie Another man in Helen Golay’s care killed by a car.

The police were able to seize the two old geezers over mail fraud. Initially, they could not believe that they were under arrest. They were shocked and able to pull their act together. When they were locked up, the two ladies seemed to disagree on some ethics. One felt betrayed and the other complained loudly about the others greed. At least, to the LAPD benefit through the eavesdropping devices. The confessions on tape, there was nothing the two criminals could do to exonerate themselves.

The most funny thing ‘though at the same time peculiar’ is that each of the dead men were alive and those dead were actually having irrelevant identification. This is how two graceful grannies got themselves to jail. According to Dateline NBC the greedy world of Helen and Olga kept some secrets still, but not for much longer. In this world, there are cameras everywhere, from banks, to crosswalks to back allies in Los Angeles. Though they do not always offer a perfect picture, with a little work, there just might be something to find there.

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