Meet the real-life Ghostbuster!

June 2nd, 2008 - 9:23 pm ICT by ANI  

Wellington, June 2 (ANI): New Zealander Brad Scott is the real-life Ghostbuster, helping people get rid of fear linked with all things they find spooky.

And now, he has made a call to all Wellingtonians to open the doors to their haunted homes and paranormal places so that he can debunk these places of all the things people are scared of.

“Everyone’s had some type of experience, whether it’s seeing something out the corner of your eye or a door opening. There are genuine people who are terrified,” he said.

This spook-finder by hobby, who moved to New Zealand from Australia last year, has said that he would love to explore a number of buildings in Wellington.

He is the lead investigator and founder of NZ Paranormal, and he said that his knowledge in building and engineering helped him to “debunk 90 per cent” of ghost claims, however, it is that 10 per cent of “unknown” that has kept him fascinated about the subject.

“Every so often we come across evidence that we just cannot explain, quoted him, as saying.

While logically probing, most of the spooky activities were due to humidity in houses or malfunctioning electronics.

Already, he has spent thousands of dollars over the years on his ghost-detecting “tools of the trade”. This includes electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, voice recorders, microphones and video recorders.

He uses EMF detection meters for detecting disruptions in the “natural” magnetic field, which according to the ghost hunters, provides “credible evidence” of paranormal activity.

However, Scott, his friend Rob and Rob’s apprentice son Oliver, probe suspected haunted houses for free.

And when related to the Hollywood movie, Scott said that he is nothing like how ghostbusters are perceived in showbiz.

“I don’t have a proton pack,” he said.

He claimed that his work mainly targeted to “disprove” that ghosts exist, rather than prove it.

“Nine out of 10 times I’m told I’m the most scariest thing there, said Scott. (ANI)

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