Meet the cat that gets a lift home every morning after a night about town!

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London, Nov 15 (ANI): The owner of a cat named Sergeant Podge has no idea where he disappears to at around 6pm every day, but knows that he will be waiting to be picked up in her car the next morning a mile and a half down the road.

However, given by the amount of time he spends sleeping every morning, owner Liz Bullard is pretty sure that her cat is living it up in the evenings.

“We don’t have a clue where he goes or what he does. But he sleeps a lot during the day, so he must be having a good time,” the Daily Mail quoted her, as saying.

The routine began five months ago when Podge, a 12-year-old Norwegian Forest cat, disappeared for five days. He was found after a frantic search and driven home. However, the next day he was missing again, and was found waiting in the same spot as the day before.

When Mrs Bullard opened the passenger door, he jumped in beside her. The routine has continued with military precision ever since.

During the week, she picks him up after dropping her 15-year-old son Stuart at school.

But at weekends and during holidays she has to make a special trip.

“Five months ago he disappeared for about five days. I phoned around all the cat rescue centres and asked around, without any luck,” Mrs Bullard reveals.

“Then we got a call from someone who said they had seen him on a road the other side of Meyrick Park Golf Course.

“I went there and found him, so I brought him home. But then he went missing again.

“I thought I’d try the same place again - and sure enough, there he was. Now it happens every day.

“He is always in the same place at the same time waiting. If it is raining I clap my hands and he appears from under a hedge.

“We have no idea where he goes or what he does. We think he used to be fed by an old lady up the road, but that stopped, so perhaps he has found someone else to feed him.

“But it is not as if he goes starving - he gets eight sachets of food a day here, and tuna. He knows how to make us all run around after him.” (ANI)

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