Meet Barack Obama, the comedian!

June 20th, 2009 - 5:41 pm ICT by ANI  

Barack Obama New York, June 20 (ANI): US President Barack Obama sent the crowd into stitches with his jokes at the 65th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association Dinner.

The popular leader made other politicians, the economy, health care reform, his own White House team and other problems facing the nation the butt of his jokes during the Washington, D.C. affair.

Obama scored enough laughs while referring to a picture of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel riding a camel in Egypt.

“I admit, I was a little nervous about the whole situation. I said at the time, “This is a wild animal known to bite, kick and spit. And who knows what the camel could do?” the New York Daily News quoted him as saying.

Speaking about the attempts to reform health care, he said: “I have gained the support of the American Medical Association.”

He then added, “It proves true the old expression that it’s easier to catch flies with honey. And if honey doesn’t work, feel free to use an open palm and a swift, downward wrist motion.”

Obama then told those present that efforts were being made to help restore financial institutions and auto companies gain back their strength.

He added: “But you probably wouldn’t understand the concept of troubled industries, working as you do in radio and television.”

And when he realised his joke may stir a commotion, the President grinned and said: “W-h-a-a-t! I can’t joke about that.”

He later declared: “I have no ambition to run an auto company.”

Obama did not even spare Secretary of State Clinton’s fractured broken elbow, saying the “Secret Service spotted Richard Holbrooke spraying WD40″ all over the driveway where she fell.

He joked: “Now on top of the cost of health care and the recovery plan we have another fiscal problem. Fortunately, the lawyers tell me Hillary is ready to settle.” (ANI)

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