Mariah Carey’s mellow magic to stay forever

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By Sevanand Gaddala
Pop superstar Mariah Carey’s comeback didn’t quite begin with her latest release “E=MC2″. The new album merely establishes the comeback she began in 2005 with “Emancipation of Mimi” and now makes her a force to reckon with. Through the 1990s, Carey dominated the music charts only to have her personal and professional life crash around 2001 with the release of her movie “Glitter”. It took her a good four years to get her life back together and regain her superstar status.

Carey is the best-selling female artist of all time. She is the only artist to have a No. 1 hit in every year of the 90s. She is also blessed with a seven-octave voice and unlike most other pop artists, supposedly co-writes and co-produces most of her material.

Carey got her big break while she was working as a waitress in New York. Columbia Records chief Tommy Mottola got a demo of hers at a party and immediately signed her. He later married her, though 20 years older, and they eventually got divorced.

Her debut album featured no less than four No. 1 singles and won her the Grammy for Best New Artist and Best Female Vocalist. She continued churning out hits from her next five albums “Emotions” (91), “Unplugged” (92), “Music Box” (93), “Daydream” (95), and “Butterfly” (97).

Then in 2001 things started to go really bad for Carey. She signed a mega record-setting $80 million five-year contract with Virgin Records only to have it revoked later. After having unprecedented success throughout the 1990s and dating famous men like baseball superstars, she broke down, displaying some strange behaviour.

Her lowest point was shocking a MTV audience by performing an impromptu strip tease. She later wrote senseless, suicidal messages on her web site. She explained it away as exhaustion. She took some time out and returned with an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She also released her album “Charmbracelet” but it failed to impress. On the show she explained how the pressures of work, having to fly between Los Angeles and New York to film the disastrous “Glitter” took a toll on her. She also claimed she suffered from insomnia.

But she made a complete turnaround in 2005 with the release of “The Emancipation of Mimi”. It was a stunning comeback going on to win several Grammy Awards including Best Contemporary R&B album and Best R&B song for “We Belong Together”.

She recently released “E=MC2″. Along with getting favourable reviews, she is unofficially competing with Madonna for the title of best female pop artist. She is poised to overtake music icons like Elvis Presley and the Beatles on the singles and album charts. She is making history even as she looks like she is nowhere close to getting done.

Carey in her more recent albums has resorted to experimenting with different genres and using that glorious voice of hers. She has definitely aged since the days she could make her voice soar and stretch. But she has matured and mellowed and her voice reflects that. She is here to carry on.

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