Letters to God really do get delivered!

December 12th, 2008 - 5:26 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Dec 12 (ANI): Want something from God? Well, in that case, just grab a pen and paper, and write down your wishes but make sure your envelope bears the words “To God, Jerusalem and the postman will deliver it to the holy citys dead letter office.

Every year, the staff at Israel Posts dead letter office in Jerusalem receives hundreds of letters addressed to God. But it is only when Christmas approaches that they get around to dealing with them.

Once a year, they open the messages and slip them between cracks of the Western Wall, Judaisms holiest site.

At the post office, workers open the envelopes addressed to God and carefully fold up the notes and then slip them between the cracks of Jerusalem’’s Wailing Wall, considered to be the holiest site in the country.

Also known as the Western Wall, or Kotel to Israelis, the Wailing Wall is revered as the last remnant of King David’’s temple.

According to Avi Yaniv, the head of the dead-letter office, the wall is the closest man can get to God on earth.

“We receive letters to God and because we have no address other than the Wailing Wall, we put them there, The Telegraph quoted him as saying.

Yaniv said that they also receive letters to Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and King David, but the Chief Rabbi at the Western Wall permits only those addressed to God to be delivered.

When such a letter arrives at the dead letter office the staff sorts it into boxes and the correspondence destined for the wall goes into boxes marked “To God”.

And the common thing among those who send the letters is that they usually want something from God.

In fact, once a man actually sent his lottery ticket numbers in the hope that God could help him out while another, from Russia, asked for God’’s assistance in bedding a Hollywood actress.

“They ask God for everything. But last month I found a letter from a person who didn”t ask for anything. On the contrary, he thanked God for what he had. He had a good wife, a good house and a good job, said Yaniv. (ANI)

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