Klan Snowman With A Noose Offends Idaho Home’s Neighbors

December 3rd, 2010 - 7:39 pm ICT by GD  

By Meena Kar
snowmanDec 3, (THAINDIAN NEWS) Another example, where separatist views were merged with the chastity of Christmas, which according to many, maligns the holy festival. A few neighbors made complains against a white separatist in Idaho, who built a snowman on his front lawn, that was shaped like a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Markus Eliseuson, a resident of Idaho town created this KKK Snowman. He is regarded as a rigid sympathizer of the Aryan Nation of white supremacy. When the neighbors saw this snowman, they immediately called up the police, who insisted Markus Eliseuson to remove it. Although he succumbed to the pressure created by the cops, and immediately removed the snowman’s head, he said that there should be no problems if someone erects a Klan snowman with a noose on his own front lawn. The snowman was about 10 ft tall, with black eyes, pointed head and a noose in its hand. Had Markus Eliseuson not removed the snowman immediately, he would have been charged with creating a public nuisance. According to the Idaho laws, anything that is “offensive to the senses” and creates uncomfortable situation to the neighborhood may be treated as public nuisance. However, he also said that he saw nothing wrong with the snowman, but removed is as other people wanted so.

One of his neighbors, Amber Caldwell was extremely offended with the snowman statue, as such a message of hatred was being propagated just before the holy festival of Christmas. When his children asked him about the scupture, he had to explain the harsh meaning of the symbol to them. According to the neighbors, this act was more offensive because his house was very near to a local elementary school.

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