Pakistan in danger of collapsing, says MIT left-wing expert

February 3rd, 2008 - 10:12 am ICT by admin  

Washington, Feb.3 (ANI): Eminent left-wing intellectual and Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Noam Chomsky has warned that Pakistan isin danger of collapsing.

Citing the rebellion in Balochistan and the Federally Administered Tribal Area territories of Pakistan being in a state of unrest as factors responsible for the present state of instability in that country,Chomsky said Pakistan is the paradigm example of a failed state and has been for a long time.

In an interview given to Aaj Television, Chomsky said that he was sceptical about a democratic system ever taking root in Pakistan though, the people of Pakistan desired it.

The Daily Times quoted him as saying that for Pakistan to become a democracy, it should develop political and social arrangements in which the population can actually determine effective policy.

He also described as harmful the alliance between Pakistan and the United States.

“For Pakistan, its alliance with the United States, I think, has been quite harmful throughout its history. The United States has tried to convert Pakistan into its highly militarised ally and has supported its military dictatorships,” he said.

He said that Pakistan could become a democracy, or at least a functioning one like India.

Pointing to India, he said: “There is a “lot wrong with India,including some horrible things. But, it is more or less a functioning democracy. Pakistan could move to that level, but it has to disentangle itself from the domination from the United States.

“Their (Pakistan’s) problem is to create it, and I think that the US influence has been an impediment to that,” he concluded.(ANI)

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