Karachi citizens term Benazir irresponsible

November 14th, 2007 - 2:35 am ICT by admin  
“If Benazir was a responsible leader she would not have created so much hype about her return after a ’self-imposed’ exile,” opined Mehmood Rana, a resident of Karachi.

Rana said that Benazir should have started her election campaign with dignified rallies in safe and restricted areas, instead of “putting the lives of her supporters and workers in jeopardy.”

“I was on 26th Street near Ideal Bakery earlier today with my two children in the car and a riot erupted. I was horrified for the sake of my children and I only blame Benazir for causing so much misery by coming back here,” said Rukhsana Shahid, a concerned citizen.

She said that if just within 12 hours of Benazir’s return there was so much fatal drama, what guarantees could she give the people if she were to come in power?

“I saw people dancing and singing on the roads and kept on praying for this rally to end without as much damage as was expected, but I woke up in the morning to see that the situation was much worse than I had imagined,” said Khadeeja Ilahi, a senior citizen.

Khadeeja said that she had been a staunch supporter of the PPP during Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s reign. That is what inclined me to put my faith in Benazir when she was elected for the very first time. I gave her my vote the next time around as well thinking that she would have gained more experience by then.

“Now I simply fail to understand why anyone, especially after the events of October 18, would want to give her a third chance,” the Daily Times quoted her, as saying.

“Sherry Rahman commented that the government’s security wasn’t competent enough on live television and held government agencies accountable for the blasts despite their warnings,” said Ozair Shafi, strongly disagreeing with the current blame game.

Some civilians blame the public for the disaster, which should have been foreseen.

“I believe the people of this country don’t deserve a democratic government because, since the inception of Pakistan, the same leaders have been going back and forth,” Ibtisaam Saleem said.

And every time the leaders go out of power the public cries about the injustices they had to endure, but then they accept more from the same, he added.

“People feel that, even though Benazir was wrong for encouraging the rally, the public is just as responsible because they went through so much trouble for an already tried and tested, and might I add failed, leader,” said Mustafa Qureshi, a senior citizen. (ANI)

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