Kaifi Azmi’s biography now inspires a film

December 25th, 2008 - 8:49 am ICT by IANS  

Mumbai, Dec 25 (IANS) Shabana Azmi says her parents’ romance was spectacular and confirms reports that a production house is keen to make a film on her father Kaifi Azmi’s biography “Yaad Ki Rahguzar” written by her mother Shaukat.”Yes, some interest has been shown in filming the book. My parents’ romance was spectacular,” Shabana, who last week launched the Marathi version of her father’s biography, told IANS.

The Marathi version of “Yaad Ki Rahguzar” was released in Nashik Sunday.

“In Marathi, my mother’s book is called ‘Kaifi Aani Mee’. It’s been earlier translated into English and Japanese. It feels good to watch my parents find space in the literary circles in so many different languages,” Shabana said.

Shabana is travelling a lot. Just the evening before the book launch, she was in Delhi on stage performing her long-running play “Tumhari Amrita” with Farooq Shaikh.

“I was suffering from laryngitis on Saturday. My voice was completely gone. By evening it came back a bit. But the voice was so bass, I wondered if I should perform Farooq’s part instead. I managed with great difficulty,” said Shabana.

After managing well with the play in Delhi, the actress rushed to Nashik for her mother’s book release.

“And my voice was gone again! At such an important moment. Let’s face it, my mother’s biography on my father ‘Yaad Ki Rahguzar’ has had a wonderfully long life. It has been selected by 14 universities in the US and has had four referential readings in South Asian institutions because it rises above a personal story to encompass a socio-political milieu that’s distinctly female.”

Shabana’s writer husband Javed Akhtar has written a play “Kaifi Aur Main” based on the biography and it has been staged a number of times with him and Shabana playing Kaifi and Shaukat Azmi respectively.

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