Jennifer Lopez reveals the A to Z of her pregnancy odyssey

September 4th, 2008 - 3:35 pm ICT by ANI  

Marc Anthony

Washington, Sept 4 (ANI): American actress Jennifer Lopez revealed in an interview that she wanted her pregnancy to go smoothly from the start and to be able to enjoy it thoroughly till she gave birth.
Lopez revealed how when she had not been able to get pregnant right away, she did not worry about it too much.
“We knew nothing was wrong with either one of us - I had been checked, and he had kids already,” People magazine quoted her as telling Elle magazine.
“I knew [that] something’’s not ready here, in my head or in my life, and when it is, I know it’’s going to happen,” she said.
Then the actress recalled the first time she felt “a flutter” during a hair and make-up session, which made her head straight for the nearest pharmacy.
“I was sitting down doing hair and makeup and I felt a flutter. The weirdest little … flourish. My makeup artist said ”What’’s the matter?” I didn”t say anything, but in my head, I was like, I have life inside me!” she said.
Lopez, who wanted to ensure that she was pregnant, dashed home with her pregnancy tests, and admitted that she took 20 of them and even made her husband Marc Anthony pee on a stick before she was sure.
“I needed to see what a negative looked like,” she explained about the test she had asked Anthony to take.
With her pregnancy confirmed, Lopez, 39, who was revelling in it, revealed that she became “selfish” for the first time in her life.
As her pregnancy reached midway, the actress, who had just finished her concert tour with her husband last fall, told him that he needed to take over from her. “I said, ”I did the superwoman thing, I finished the tour - now I need you to take care of me”,” she recalled.
“I love doing things for you; if I”m not cooking, then I”m picking out a shirt. But this is the first time in my life where I”m just going to be a little bit selfish.
“I don”t know if I”m going to have kids again, so I want it to be a beautiful experience. I don”t want to have any drama. I want to just be smiling every day,” she told Anthony.
Just two weeks before giving birth, Lopez commissioned a special gift for her husband, a book of photos of herself.
“I was like, ”How am I going to rock this moment of my life? … I felt very womanly. Marc was in a dream. He loved it,” she added.
Lopez gave birth to twins Emme and Max on 22 February (08). (ANI)

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