Indian students worldwide slam racist attacks in Australia

June 2nd, 2009 - 7:22 pm ICT by IANS  

Facebook New Delhi, June 2 (IANS) On social networking sites, Indian students across the globe have been expressing their anger and condemnation of the racist attacks on Indians studying in Australia.
Students overseas have launched an online protest in the wake of the attacks through social networking sites Facebook and Orkut. As many as seven communities demanding justice for Indian students in Australia have come up with over 1,000 members registering themselves within a week.

In the past three weeks, six Indian students have been attacked in Australia.

Aadya Shukla, a student of the Oxford University and a member of the Oxford University Indian Society (OUIS) said: “I always thought Australia was god’s own country where humanity and tolerance prevailed. Racism is rampant in most parts of the world but we never thought Australia would also see this day. We are worried about the new trend of mounting racism in otherwise civilised societies.”

The members of OUIS have also decided to send a letter to the Australian High Commissioner in Britain.

“Australian authorities are slow in their response. We are going to send a letter to the Australian High Commissioner in the UK, registering our concern,” added Shukla.

Some of the communities are flagging slogans - Boycott Australia - to voice their anger and disappointment.

“Even the Australian police are biased. We are scared of going to them. Look what happened yesterday, peaceful protesters were violently attacked by the police. If this does not stop, soon Asians will boycott Australia,” said Adnan Khusro, a student studying in Melbourne.

Another community on Orkut, started by Raja, an Indian student living in Melbourne, has started an online petition.

“We have started an online petition against the racist attacks on the Indian students in Australia. We have seen 207 signatures already and hope to see many more,” said Raja.

Highlighting the racist tone used by “local” Australians, he said, “Even kids refer to racist attacks as ‘curry bashing’. We have heard them say ‘let’s go curry bashing’. It’s disgraceful.”

Adrian Cahill, an Australian who has joined the community to express his support, wrote:” “Not all Australians are racist. Such acts are committed by a few uncouth persons. In majority, Australians will give full support to Indians in each of their endeavours to fight racism.”

Some members on various sites are of the view that the media has “hyped” up the issue and such generalisations should not be made.

Kavi, an Indian student studying in Brisbane and a member of the community, remarked: “We are sure that not all Australians are racist. It is wrong to brand Australia as a racist country. It is extremely unfortunate that these acts have happened with Indians but to think about it, they have been happening since forever with Asian diaspora all across the world.”

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