India among the popular, Pakistan among 10 most unpopular nations in US: Survey

March 10th, 2008 - 1:07 pm ICT by admin  

Washington, Mar 10 (ANI): In a recent survey conducted by Gallop, India was rated as the sixth most popular country in the US along with France, while Pakistan and Afghanistan were placed among the 10 most unpopular countries.

A total of 1007 Americans aged 18 and older were interviewed in the survey. Not all respondents viewed the countries as favourably or unfavourably. A small minority remained neutral, saying it had no views.

Almost 69 percent of the respondents acknowledged Indias popularity in the US.

The unpopularity of Pakistan and Afghanistan was found to be too low among the Americans despite their close ties to the US administration, says a recent survey by Gallup, USA, reported the Dawn.

Of 22 countries rated in Gallups 2008 World Affairs survey, Canada, Britain, Germany, and Japan were viewed favourably by at least 80 per cent of Americans.

Iran topped the list of nations viewed unfavourable in America, as almost 88 per cent of respondents said that they viewed Iran unfavourably while only 8 per cent said they viewed it favourably.

Besides Afghanistan and Pakistan, others on the unfavourable list are Saudi Arabia and Iraq. These countries are counted among Americas closest allies by the administration but do not enjoy a favourable image in the American public.

Pakistan is 6th on the list with 72 per cent respondents saying they see it unfavourably while 22 per cent viewed it favourably, while Afghanistan comes right after Pakistan with 73 per cent Americans saying they view it unfavourably while 21 per cent see it favourably.

Second on the negative list is North Korea with 82 per cent viewing it unfavourably and 12 per cent favourably, while the Palestinian Authority is third as 75 per cent of the respondents view it unfavourably and 14 per cent favourably.

Iraq, where the United States is engaged in an apparently unwinnable war, is the 4th most unpopular nation in the United States. While 77 per cent view it unfavourably, 20 per cent favourably.

China is 10th, with 55 per cent viewing it unfavourably and 42 per cent favourably. (ANI)

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