I am the person who can bring Pakistan back from the fringe, asserts Benazir

November 14th, 2007 - 2:24 am ICT by admin  
“I want to say that the country is already in a sense divided. There is a very deep polarisation and the fault lines run on issues of leadership versus democracy and moderation versus extremism,” she said in an interview to Sky News, adding, “I very much think that I am the person who can bring Pakistan back.”

With Pakistan already in turmoil, both on the political and internal security fronts, Bhutto said Islamic radicals and extremists in the country have taken advantage of the void created by the absence of a moderate leadership.

“And now, suddenly the military and extremist forces see an obstacle coming. They see the people’s power pushing them back, and they are frightened and they can go to any length,” she said.

Reiterating her conviction about landing at Karachi Airport on October 18, Bhutto said that the immense media focus about her homecoming and her party’s preparation for it have reduced the risks of her assassination.

However, she said that her party is consistently ‘wrangling’ with the regime of President Pervez Musharraf on providing jammers during her visit.

“I am a former Prime Minister and I am entitled to security and we want these jamming devices so that road side bombs and suicide bombers can’t actually access you,” she said.

“So, there is an inherent risk obviously as I make my way to the Massar but there is a risk almost everyday in what you do. So, it’s not worth thinking about the risks, its worth focusing on the job that has to done,” she added.

She also said that she has taken up the matter with Musharraf about attacks on her party members, who are busy making arrangements for her visit.

“Since last night, the regime has started attacking our reception camps and there was a convoy that was leaving from a village and one of the government parties fired upon them and 11 people were injured,” she claimed.

“My representative got in touch with the national security advisor to have it conveyed to General Musharraf that this was against the spirit of national reconciliation,” she added. (ANI)

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