Humans may reach ”top of the shark menu” if fishing is not controlled, says expert

January 12th, 2009 - 7:08 pm ICT by ANI  

Wellington, Jan 12 (ANI): If fishing in Australian waters is not brought under control, humans might soon be heading the menu for sharks, according to a shark expert.

Vic Hislop has warned that most beliefs about shark attacks on humans are wrong and very soon they might become the favourite prey for the ocean dwelling beasts.

He said that over-fishing in the Australian waters for the past 200 years has led big sharks to target upon “gentler” preys like dugong, turtles and dolphins.

“That’’s what’’s in their stomach now every day,” The NZPA quoted him as telling Macquarie Radio.

He added: “As the turtles disappear, which is inevitable, and the dugong herds disappear, humans are next in line on the food chain. It will definitely get worse.”

Hislop stressed that while humans make for tasty morsels to sharks, they manage to escape because they”re smarter.

“Don”t ever believe this rubbish about they take a bite, they don”t like humans”. That is just so wrong. They take a bite and wait for their victim to bleed to death to finish them off. And that’’s why we escape,” he said.

He explained that marine animals bitten by sharks panicked, swam around and bled to death, before the shark moved in again to devour them.

However, he said that the human defence mechanisms would eventually fail against the shark.

“The big sharks only lose a few people then they get good at it,” said Hislop.

In his opinion, hitting a shark on the nose or trying to poke one in the eye to fight off an attack, is not an effective mechanism and wont make a shark to release a victim.

“You can get 10 of the biggest men in Australia with sledgehammers and you will not hurt them. You won”t even faze them,” said Hislop.

He said that with the advent of commercial fishing levels and the protection of great white sharks, might lead to more attacks on humans.

“Common sense tells you that you cannot keep fishing out the oceans and protect the end of the food chain. You”re heading for disaster, said Hislop. (ANI)

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