How to save yourself from sly cabbies

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Sydney, Nov 28 (ANI): All of us have been at the receiving end when it comes to dealing with cabbies, for their only mission in life seems to take the customers for a ride with their over-smart and cunning attitude.

To counter this global cabbie problem an expert has provided a few tips in order to help people deal with the overtly sly taxi drivers in different parts of the world.

According to Chris Pritchard, you should make yourself acquainted with local currency so you don’t accidentally hand over too much money.

He also advises to carry small bills because, in many countries, including England, drivers are famous for shrugging and claiming, offensively, that they have no change.

Pritchard adds that you should stay away from taxis parked outside tourist attractions or hotels as they’re often unwilling to use meters or will demand you visit “my brother’s shop.

If a cabbie claims that negotiated flat rates will turn out to be cheaper, insist a meter be turned on, reports

Coming to tips, Pritchard says that rounding-up or 10 per cent is reasonable in places where tipping is a norm, except in the United States where, increasingly, 15 or 20 per cent is deemed fair.

Where tipping isn’t expected, like New Zealand for instance, rounding-up is acceptable for good service but in Japan and South Korea anything extra may be refused.

Lastly he recommends keeping your cool in disagreements. To warn the tourists, Pritchard cites the example of Prague cab drivers, widely considered among Europe’s worst, who used to deliver mild electric shocks from under-seat wiring to chuck out quarrelsome passengers until the scam was exposed. (ANI)

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