Hitler appointed me as his biographer, says Brit historian David Irving

January 16th, 2009 - 3:03 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Jan.16 (ANI): A British historian, who was jailed for denying the existence of the Holocaust, has now claimed that he was chosen by Adolf Hitler to be his biographer. Historian David, who spent more than a year in prison in Austria after saying the gas chambers did not exist, says the Nazi leader predicted a man from England would write an “objective” account of his actions.
Irving, 70, told The Independent his belief was based on a 1970s meeting with Erwin Giesing, the doctor who treated Hitler after the bomb attempt on his life in 1944.
He claimed that, when calling at Giesing’’s surgery in Aachen, the doctor replied ”Yes, I”ve been expecting you.”
Irving says he was immediately handed a 400-page file. ”
Giesing said it was his diary [of his time with Hitler],” he said. “I asked why, why me? Why haven”t you given it to any of the other great historians?”
Irving claims Giesing referred him to a passage on page 385 in which the doctor had a conversation with Hitler.
Irving said: “It is August 1944 and he is treating Hitler cauterising his eardrum and he says, ”Mein Fuhrer you realise that you have the same illness now in your inner ear that the Kaiser had?” Hitler said ”Yes that is true, how did you know that?” And Giesing said he had read it in the biography of the Kaiser written by an Englishman, J D Chamier. And he says Hitler replied: ”One day, an Englishman will come along and write my biography. But it cannot be an English man of the present generation. They won”t to be objective. It will have to be an Englishman of the next generation, and one who is totally familiar with all the German archives.”” (ANI)

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