Here’s how Obama’s pooch can cause havoc in his Oval Office!

April 16th, 2009 - 12:55 pm ICT by ANI  

Barack Obama New York, April 16 (ANI): Besides dealing with world problems, US President Barack Obama now has more reasons to lose sleep over, which include how to keep the First Dog from wrecking his Oval Office.

The First Family recently let Bo, a six-month-old Portuguese water dog, paw into their home and lives.

The first-time dog owners had been ecstatic with the new family member but the playful mutt could prove to be quite a handful than the Obamas had originally imagined for local breeders have warned about a few things.

While the idea of having clean White House bathrooms could just go for a toss, leaving important documents around was also a big no.

Pulling doors open, shredding paper and turning on water faucets may also be few other things on the First Dog’s mind, reports the New York Daily News.

Now, the breeders and owners have prepared a list of both Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind while raising Portuguese water dogs, some which are as follows.


Leave things on the counter - Patricia Joaquin of Clearwater Kennel in Levittown, L.I, warned Portuguese water dogs (PWD) loved to jump on counters, saying: “It’s called counter surfing. You walk in the kitchen, and the meat has been removed from your sandwich.”

Forget to brush up - Joaquin insisted upon the necessity to groom the hounds, adding: “Like human hair, it keeps growing and growing, and if you don’t brush it out, it mats up.”


Be prepared - Breeder Lisa Wiley of Turnabout Portuguese Water Dogs said: “They go to the bathroom with you. They want to play with you” while Joaquin added: “They are lap dogs, even if they are 35 pounds. They stick to you.”

Bear in mind they are watchdogs - Wiley cautioned: “With people walking in and out, you’re likely to have a dog bite someone. A lot of people think that just because [PWDs] are cute, they won’t protect - they can.” (ANI)

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