Haylee named as a suspect in mother’s death

February 20th, 2009 - 3:18 am ICT by David M N James  

Even after telling away how she has been close to her mother, a young girl is being investigated as a suspect in her mothers death. Haylee is accused of being involved in her mother’s death. Haylee is accused of involvement in the murder of Tami a South Dakota Walmart supermarket employee.

According to Dateline NBC, Haylee gave a passionate and solemn oration through a poem tittled ‘meet again, meet again’ In the poem Haylee lamented her mothers death asking her why she had to die and leave her in the brutal world. In another Dateline update, Haylee’s sisters told dateline that she is wonderful girl and they don’t know she does it. Haylee was tearless as she recited the poem.

Pierre police department notified that they had found blood in a car and it was not looking good. The body turned out to be that of Tami Reay. Tami was last seen wearing a black turtleneck. Police have highlighted that Tami’s troubled marriage was far more complicated than she told her family over Christmas. Brian Clark reported the murder on 911. He told the operator on phone that ‘Hopefully this is discreet, but I and she have been having an affair and apparently her husband has found out about it and she disappeared at 5 o’clock last night’

Were it not for a helicopter search team, TAMI Reay body would never be discovered until October when the hunting season would be back again. Tami’s body bore multiple stab wounds and had been stripped and left face up - alongside bushes that might have concealed her - had that been the killer’s intent. Brad Reay the prime suspect in the murder argues that his 12-year old daughter was the real killer. According to Brad, it all began the day he and Tami told Haylee they were getting divorced.

The twist in the murder falls on Haylee since her father projected her as a sleepwalker who would kill in a trance. When she heard about the divorce she was in a in a trance. She was traumatized by the impending divorce that she would walk into her mother’s room while she’s sleeping and stab her so many times. According to detectives investigating the murder a projection by the father implicates her in the murder he said that “I love my daughter, she’s a great kid. She did this in her sleep. So, she’s really not an evil murderer. She didn’t know what she was doing.” Brad said that Haylee walked out of her mother’s room with a bloody knife on the night of Tami’s death. He was startled awake by Haylee’s cat, and discovered his daughter in Tami’s room, holding a bloody knife.

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