Handwriting expert reveals what UK PM Brown is all about

April 15th, 2009 - 12:32 pm ICT by ANI  

Gordon Brown London, Apr.15 (ANI): Well known British graphologist Elaine Quigley has revealed some of Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s peculiar habits through his writing style.

According to The Times, Brown uses a thick black pen to aid him visually and read clearly. The writing structure shows that he is goal directed and lives in the present, but action needs to be taken promptly. He is generally well intentioned.

She says that his left-slanted writing shows his need for his own space and independence. He dislikes being questioned or “told what to do”

Third, his wish to be direct in getting his message across means that he tends to pare his letters down to the essentials and generally doesn’t include “i” dots, but in “activity” and “avoid” they have been added to ensure that his writing is clear. He’s following his normal writing pattern, but as this is a delicate matter, he is stopping to think. He’s not the sort of man who wants to get embroiled in complications that can make things difficult and, as he feels he has nothing to do with the whole issue, he is uncomfortable and needs to be very careful, which isn’t his normal style.

Fourth, the personal pronoun, “I”, has tramlines top and bottom. That introduces someone who likes to know that he’s on the right track. However, note the different positions of the top and bottom bars. In the early part of the letter they are longer on the left-hand side, where he is contemplating his connection with the issue, but towards the end of the letter, the bars extend to the right, where he is talking about what he intends to do. This shows his shift in focus. While he is pondering about how to express his thoughts, he is looking into his own space, but once he has plans he puts the personal pronoun emphasis to the right, the area of the future.

Fifth, he likes to be in charge, note the “t” bars high on the stem early on in the letter, but he also has a sense of responsibility, which can be seen in the central cross of the “t” bar farther on in the text and Sixth, the mixture of joined and unjoined letters in the text shows that though he can think logically, he does not have an easy and relaxed conversational flow. He doesn’t tend to engage in an exchange of ideas, nor does he agree with people just to be popular. (ANI)

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