German artist sparks controversy exhibiting corpses having sex

May 7th, 2009 - 1:06 pm ICT by ANI  

London, May 7 (ANI): Controversial German anatomy artist Gunther von Hagens is once again facing flak for unveiling a work showing two corpses having sexual intercourse.

The artwork will be part of von Hagens’ latest plastination exhibition ‘Cycle of Life’ in Berlin.

The artist defends the exhibit saying that it combines the two greatest taboos of sex and death and is a lesson in biology. He insists that it is “not meant to be sexually stimulating”.

Politicians and church representatives are angry at the exhibit, and have called for it to be withdrawn. They have pronounced it pornographic and an insult to the dead.

“This couple is simply over the top, and it shouldn’t be shown,” the Guardian quoted Alice Strover, an MP for the Green party, as saying.

“Love and death are obvious topics for art, but I find it quite disgusting to use them in this way,” said Fritz Felgentreu an MP for the Social Democrats.

Von Hagens developed the plastination method several years ago after discovering a method for preserving bodies by replacing their fat and water deposits with injections of silicon, which then harden.

His exhibitions have travelled across the world.

His most popular exhibits included corpses playing chess, high jumping, and horse riding.

He has already shown a dead pregnant woman and foetuses at various stages of development earlier.

According to von Hagens, the man and woman consented to appear in a sexual pose. (ANI)

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