Flores and Holloway Families Meet, and Compare Notes on van der Sloot

June 19th, 2010 - 1:16 am ICT by Angela Kaye Mason  

amd_natalee_holloway June 18 (THAINDIAN NEWS) The Holloway and Flores families have one common thread which binds their lives together in tragedy, and that is the loss of both their daughters, and the alleged connection which Joran van der Sloot has to both crimes.

Natalie Holloway disappeared from Aruba while on her spring break from college in May of 2005. Joran van der Sloot was the last known person to ever see her, and has been a prime suspect in the case of her vanishing ever since that fateful day. Although he has offered many “confessions” which gave a varied look at what happened to her, ranging from the claim that he accidentally killed her and dumped her body in the swamp, to he sold her to an Arubian sex slave trader, the Arubian government never made a case against him.

Stephany Flores was murdered in a hotel room in Peru, which was rented in Joran van der Sloot’s name, exactly 5 years to the day after Natalie Holloway vanished. Van der Sloot confessed to murdering her, and claimed she had read an email that was on his laptop which contained information about Natalie. He became enraged and beat her to death, according to his own testimony.

And now for the first time these two families have met. Although the Holloways are very sorry for the loss of the Flores’ daughter, Beth Holloway, Natalie’s mom was glad that they at least did not have to suffer the same thing that the Holloway family has, not knowing what has happened to their daughter.

Enrique Flores seemed to agree with the statement, “I think the pain of the Holloways is very hard to bear. We have at least seen the body of our sister but they could not find the body yet.”

The Flores family and the Holloways are said to be comparing notes on the two crimes, looking for any commonalities which there may be. The two families are also offering consolation to each other that not many people could understand.

Joran van der Sloot is currently being held in a Peruvian prison. The sister in law of Stephany Flores, Carolina Jorge stated, “I have full confidence in justice of Peru so I am not worried. We are now waiting for the right judgment. We are praying that justice gets done and the two families get a little relief.” And many families pray with you.

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