Fire-fighters free Harry Potter fan, 3, from traffic cone ‘wizard hat’!

November 14th, 2007 - 2:42 am ICT by admin  
Charlie Thomas spotted an abandoned traffic cone and the ardent Potter fan was delighted by his discovery.

However, after placing the object on his head carefully, Thomas’ enchantment soon disappeared, as it got stuck.

It took six fire fighters and half an hour to make the cone budge

“We had gone across to the school field with the kite when Charlie picked up the cone and wore it as a wizard’s hat. Then he ran over and said, ‘It’s stuck’,” the Daily Mail quoted mom Louisa Thomas, as saying.

“My first reaction was laughter. It wasn’t until I got over to him and realised it was really stuck that I got worried.”

“We tried to pull it off, tried laying him down and wiggling him free but that didn’t work. We tried soapy water but that didn’t do the trick so we had to call the fire brigade to cut it,” she said.

His mother said Charlie was left with a slight bruising to his head and quite proud his attempt to mimic his Hogwarts hero.

“He loves Harry Potter and when he put the cone on he was so pleased with himself, it was very sweet,” she said.

“But when we couldn’t get it off it was a bit scary.

“We shouldn’t have laughed but we had a chuckle - he looked so comical even though he was a bit upset,” she said. (ANI)

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