Dodi’s bodyguard’s wife convinced that ’something sinister’ was going on

November 14th, 2007 - 1:51 am ICT by admin  
Rebecca Murrell, wife of Ben Murrell, 42, one of Dodi’s bodyguards, said that she watched the couple when they visit Mohammed Al Fayed’s villa outside Paris on the afternoon before their deaths, and insists that Diana was not upset, as has been claimed.

“I’m sick of people talking about a version of events I don’t recognise,” the Mirror quoted her, as saying.

“I am convinced there was something sinister going on, to the point where I doubt if even my own husband was telling me the whole truth.”

She also reveals that bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones, the only one to survive the crash, was angry with Dodi.

“Trevor was in a foul mood. “He said that Dodi was being an idiot and messing with travel plans to impress Diana. Trev was effing and blinding and calling him a t**t,” she said.

“He was threatening to tell Dodi what he thought of him and quit his job.”

“Ben even offered to swap roles with Trev for the day so he could stay and cool down. That would have put Ben in the car with Diana and Dodi.”

Ms Murrell also reveals that she spoke to chauffeur Henri Paul, and that he did not appear drunk. Her estranged hubby, on the other hand, has maintained that Paul had been drinking heavily.

“I was leaning out the window and, as Henri was smoking his cigar, he looked up and said, ‘How are you?’

“He had a spring in his step because of the special visitor but we all felt like that.

“There was nothing to suggest he was getting drunk.

“What I can’t understand is why Ben didn’t just report him and have him taken off the job.”

After the party left, Ben “bizarrely” offered to take her out for the night, even though there was a good chance he would be called in for work.

“We’d never been out in Paris. But on this night of all nights, when he was likely to be called back to work, he demanded we go to a bar nearby,” she told the paper.

Ms Murrell was never interviewed by Lord Stevens during his probe into the deaths of the couple, and has not even been called to give evidence at the ongoing inquest. (ANI)

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