Despite healthcare, diabetes poses greater risks to Scottish Asians

February 11th, 2009 - 3:18 pm ICT by IANS  

London, Feb 11 (IANS) South Asians in Scotland are up to four times more likely to develop diabetes than the rest of the population, a new study has shown.Researchers at the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee also found that, despite receiving the same or even higher standard of medical care, South Asians with diabetes were more likely to suffer from eye complications and higher blood sugar levels.

The study follows previous research that indicated the quality of care for South Asians was less effective in England than for the non-Asian population. The results are published in the Journal of Public Health.

The researchers reviewed a database of all diabetes patients in Tayside, and studied the progress of around 10,500 patients with type 2 (late onset) diabetes — 176 of whom were of South Asian descent.

The database included details of all medical check-ups relating to their diabetes and information on each patient’s blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index, as well as their eye and foot health, which can be affected by the disease.

Dr Colin Fischbacher, of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Clinical Sciences and Community Health, said: “This study shows that South Asians are more likely to get diabetes and that when they do develop the condition they suffer more complications.

“It is very encouraging to know that they receive the same high standard of medical care, but we need to ensure that more is done to control their diabetes and to prevent the potentially devastating complications that can result from it,” he added.

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