Delhi embassy driver named in Nepal kidney racket

February 22nd, 2009 - 5:08 pm ICT by IANS  

Kathmandu, Feb 22 (IANS) The driver of a foreign diplomatic mission in New Delhi has been named in a complaint to the Nepal police as being involved in duping a Nepali schoolgirl and trying to obtain her kidneys.
Kesh Kumari Rawat, a sixth grader in western Nepal’s remote Surkhet district, and her father Khadka Bahadur Rawat, have lodged a police complaint against a fellow Nepali, Bishnu Dhakal, who reportedly works as a driver in the Saudi Arabian embassy in New Delhi.

Dhakal and another Nepali have been accused of trying to obtain her kidneys under the pretence of conducting medical tests.

The family of the 15-year-old girl paid NRS 30,000 to a relative, Basant Banjade, who promised to take her to Saudi Arabia and get her a job as a domestic help, Nepal’s official media said Sunday.

In January, Kesh Kumari was taken to New Delhi and according to the complaint, she was handed over to the Nepali driver, who kept her in his own quarters for over a fortnight.

During the stay, the man molested her, the teen alleged.

Then she was taken to a New Delhi hospital where the Nepali man reportedly told her she would have to undergo medical tests needed to go to the Gulf state.

After a kidney and blood test, the teen says she heard the doctor say that he was now ready to remove her kidneys.

Realising her plight, the teen reportedly escaped from the hospital and contacted another Nepali woman working in the Indian capital who took her to a Nepali NGO.

The NGO helped her return to Nepal Thursday.

After telling her story to the local media in Surkhet Saturday, Kesh Kumari and her father also filed a complaint with police against the Nepali driver and their relative.

Every year, hundreds of Nepali women are trafficked to India and the Gulf by unscrupulous brokers who lure them with the offer of highly-paid jobs as domestic help.

While most land up in India’s brothels, those who are taken to the Gulf find life no rosy dream there either, returning home disillusioned with tales of non-payment, overwork, and physical and sexual abuse.

Though Nepal’s government has banned women from working as domestic help in the Gulf following the mysterious death of at least two women, the flight continues with relatives and neighbours often being the people who sell the victims.

Tales have been emerging recently about Nepalis pretending to marry naive village women and then selling them to brothels. Last year, police arrested a group that had also duped the ‘wives’ into parting with their kidneys.

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