Dati’s gynaecologist risks being struck off medical register over ‘delivery article’

May 17th, 2009 - 4:23 pm ICT by ANI  

London, May 17 (ANI): The gynaecologist who spilled the beans about getting controversial French justice minister Rachida Dati back to office in five days after delivering her baby by C-section risks being struck off the medical register for revealing secrets.

French doctor Claude Debache, 57, will be summoned by a medical council to explain an article he wrote in a magazine about a delivery technique which accelerates postnatal recovery and helped Dati, 43, return to work in record time, reports The Times.

Following the birth of Zohra, Dati came under the media glare because she refused to name the father and was struggling at the time to persuade President Nicolas Sarkozy not to sack her after criticism of her performance at work.

While flatteringly portraying Dati in Paris Match magazine, her gynaecologist defended her against charges of exploiting the birth for publicity.

“The night before her departure she asked me if there was a secret way out of the clinic,” he wrote, claiming that Dati wanted to avoid the scrum of photographers.

“Alas, there was not,” he went on. “She regretted it. But made no reproach.”

In his defence, he said there was nothing unusual about returning to work five days after giving birth by caesarean.

Dati benefited from a caesarean technique that avoids cutting tissue and muscle as much as possible - they are parted manually instead, the expert added.

“That way the postnatal recovery is much quicker . . . and less painful,” he wrote.

“I always encourage women to return to their normal life as quickly as possible if that is their wish and if their health and the baby’s permits it. That was Rachida Dati’s case,” the doctor said.

Irène Kahn-Bensaude, president of the Parisian medical council, has accused him of violating the code of practice by publicising his services.

“It is a phenomenal advertisement for him,” she said.

She also accused him of violating the Hippocratic oath guaranteeing doctor-patient confidentiality.

“Everybody knows that Rachida Dati had a caesarean, but her gynaecologist has no right to talk about it,” she said, adding that he would be summoned this week to a hearing. (ANI)

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