”Credit crunch” and ”current climate” enter office jargon

February 12th, 2009 - 5:50 pm ICT by ANI  


London, February 12 (ANI): Recession has paved way for credit crunch and current climate to enter office jargon as the two CCs, according to a research.
While food theme, with expressions such as “take a bite of the reality sandwich”, dominated 2008, this year is expected to mirror escapism, thanks to the present dull tones in offices.
Office Angels, the secretarial and office support recruitment consultancy, called upon Facebook users to contribute the most baffling jargon lurking in UK offices.
It was revealed that terms such as “clocking real mileage”, meaning a really strong idea, “picking the low-lying fruit”, meaning a quick win, or strategic staircase, meaning a plan for the future, were making rounds.
David Clubb, Managing Director of Office Angels, however, commented that plain speaking and abstinence from cliches were more advisable.
“People may think they seem more professional by using office jargon, but my advice would be that nothing beats honesty and plain talking,” the Telegraph quoted him as saying.
“Concentrate on communicating clearly to ensure everyone can work efficiently and prevent your colleagues from being baffled,” he added.
A list of new office jargon included:
The two CC’’s (credit crunch and current climate)
Clocking real mileage (a really strong idea)
A high altitude view (taking a step back)
Reaching the blue ocean of success (reaching a goal)
Get a helicopter view by turning 360deg and then circling back to your colleagues (taking a step back)
Let’’s run that idea up the flag pole and see if it flies (try out an idea)
Picking the low-lying fruit (a quick win)
Down to that level of granularity (detail)
Let’’s touch base about that offline (have a chat face-to-face)
Feeling stressurised (under pressure and stress)
Strategic staircase (a plan for the future)
Better not let the grass grow too long on this one (act quickly) (ANI)

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