CIA takes inspiration from Ghostbusters for their new ‘terrorbuster’ image

November 14th, 2007 - 2:55 am ICT by admin  
The CIA’s counter-terrorism wing in Langley, Virginia, is using a logo that bears a resemblance to the famous white ghost in a red forbidden stripe of the 1984 movie.

The international red forbidden stripe cuts across a black-clad terrorist waving an AK-47 assault rifle, attached to which is a bayonet with a Saracen curve on it. Above is the message “Terrorist Buster,” the Times reported.

The logo has been in use for six years. But when it recently surfaced, the Internet blogosphere lit up with conspiracy theories, outrage and scorn that the CIA should be spending time or money designing such material.

“Why are ghosts white and terrorists black?” one liberal blogger said. Others suggested that “bad logos are what neo-cons get for alienating the gay community” or that “someone at Langley has been smoking that Freedom Fudge from our Afghan allies again”.

However, the CIA said “it was just a logo” that was not intended to offend or upset anybody, except possibly terrorists.

“There’s just nothing new here. The image, which has been posted on our website for over six years, is an informal logo that first circulated among people directly involved in the global fight against terror. The symbol wasn’t designed to represent any specific terrorist group or individual,” a spokesman was quoted, as saying.

“When it was created years ago, the logo was intended to reflect the determination and spirit of those who were working tirelessly to overcome what we still know today to be a truly dangerous threat. Even though the logo isn’t currently in wide circulation, that strong commitment to our counter-terrorism mission is alive and well,” he added. (ANI)

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