Chinese national exams sitters turning to hi-tech devices to cheat

January 15th, 2009 - 2:44 pm ICT by ANI  

New Delhi, January 15 (ANI): Invigilators in China are worried that those sitting for highly competitive national exams are taking to hi-tech items, such as neatly disguised wireless transmitters, to cheat.
The Beijing Radio Administration Bureau has reportedly detected 16 cases of unidentified signals, which suggested that some of those taking this year’’s national exam for graduate study were cheating.
Roughly 1.25 million sat the exam from Saturday to Monday, reports Xinhua news agency.
A story published in the China Daily says that the bureau caught two cheaters at site on Saturday, deprived them of the right to continue the exam, and turned in to the local police for further questioning.
Zhu Li, a director for the bureau, said that such cheaters would normally use earphones the size of a soybean, and a neatly hidden wireless transmitter to get the answers from someone outside the exam room.
The bureau, however, is surprised as to how those helping test takers cheat obtain the exam questions in the first place, Zhu said.
“Technically, they could have someone in the exam room scan the papers and send the pictures through wireless transmitters, but, it’’s almost impossible in reality as it would need very strong signals,” Zhu said.
The news report even reveals that two hi-tech cheaters were caught in the latest national civil servant exam on November 30 last year.
The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Personnel revealed early December that major exam sites in Beijing were covered by wireless signal interrupters that could locate and cut off unidentified signals.
“We are trying our best to act faster when abnormal signals are detected and we will increase the number of signal detectors in the near future,” Zhu said.
The China Youth Daily has also claimed recently that there are some people who sell cheating devices.
They put out advertisements on campuses using official-sounding company names, but most of them are not registered in the official system, the report said. (ANI)

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