Charles, Gore and Redford enlisted in Time’s list of green ‘heroes’

November 14th, 2007 - 2:34 am ICT by admin  
Sir David Attenborough and Mikhail Gorbachev have also been named in the list prepared by the international magazine Time.

The magazine has branded them the world’s green “Leaders and Visionaries” in recognition of their contributions in spreading the environmental message.

While the journal praised Sir David for bringing his “schoolboyish enthusiasms” for the natural world to a television audience, Gore was commended for his ongoing environmental crusade.

The list, which includes 43 names, is dominated by green campaigners, scientists and writers.

However, it is believed that the inclusion of Charles’ name on the list may be slammed by his critics because apart from speaking out on green issues, he is also famous for driving an Aston Martin, flying all over the world and hunting animals for fun.

Another name that may be a bit controversial is of Sir Richard Branson, who owns the transatlantic airline Virgin. His has been branded a “green hero” at a time when many people feel that air travel pollutes the atmosphere.

However, Branson has been included for his efforts to tackle emissions and other issues, with plans to make his aircraft and the industry in general as environmentally friendly as possible.

The list also names activists who have been campaigning for wind farms or to save the coral reefs, and the team of scientists behind the Toyota Prius car.

“We call (these) men and women heroes, but they could just as easily be called speakers for the planet,” the Scotsman quoted the magazine’s environmental editor, Bryan Walsh, as saying. (ANI)

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