Calling Welsh woman an English bitch can get you nailed for racism!

November 30th, 2007 - 6:04 pm ICT by admin  

London, Nov 30 (ANI): An Irish grandfather has been given a prison sentence for racial harassment after he called a Welsh woman English.

Michael Forsythe, a grandfather has been found guilty of a racial insult after he used the term during an argument over a scratched car in his Welsh home town.

He called Lorna Steele, the vehicles owner, an English bitch.

After hearing it, Steele and her husband took great offence at the jibe and decided to take Forsythe to court.

In the court, the 55-year-old Forsythe, a former lorry driver was found guilty of racially aggravated disorderly behaviour, and received a ten-week prison sentence suspended for 12 months.

As an act of defence, Forsythe attacked the prosecution as a waste of time and money.

“I find it unbelievable that I’ve been prosecuted for this, the Daily Mail quoted him, as saying.

“I’m originally from Northern Ireland so I’m an adoptive Welshman, he said.

“I’ve travelled all over Europe as a lorry driver and never had any problems with anybody and now they’re officially calling me a racist. It’s political correctness gone mad.

“The joke is that the woman I had the row with isn’t even English. She’s Welsh. I am absolutely gobsmacked, to be frank, he added.

However, Steele, who runs the tattoo parlour next door with her husband Gavin said that the matter was no joking matter.

“I’m Welsh I was born in Welshpool. But we couldn’t let him get away with what he said, she said.

Her husband, a 40-year-old Englishman originally from Hull, added of Mr Forsythe: “He is a racist. He doesn’t like the English.

“He’s from Ireland originally and he’s lived in Wales for years and some of them don’t like English people. The point is that he shouldn’t have said those things to Lorna. All we wanted from him was an apology but he wouldn’t give us that.

“So we’ve had to go all the way through the courts to get it. There’s no way this should have ended up in court, it’s the sort of thing you should be able to sort out without that. But he said what he said and I think he deserved to be found guilty, he added.

Forsythe was ordered to pay 200 pounds in costs in the hearing at Welshpool Magistrates Court. (ANI)

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