By 2081, migrants could push Britain’s population to over 100 million

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London, Nov.28 (ANI): Britain could have a population of over 100 million by 2081, if experts at Whitehall are to be believed.
They based their predictions on the current level of migrations being encouraged to the country. They warned that if migrations continue at sky-high levels, birth rates continue to rise, and life expectancy keeps on going up, the figure of 100 million could even be reached by 2060.
By 2081, 74 years from now, the population will have almost doubled to just under 109million, they said.
The projections by the Government Actuary’s Department, a specialist organisation operating under the wing of the Treasury, say what will happen if the upward pressure on population continues at the highest possible levels.
According to the Daily Mail, the increasing numbers of immigrants are pushing up population levels.
They compare their figures with a prediction from the Government’s Office for National Statistics that said that the most likely size of the population in 2051 is 77million. The new projections say the figure may be over 90million by then.
Migration, which brings the greatest upward push on the population, is at the centre of concern over the need for more housing, transport, schools and hospitals to cope with growing numbers.
Local authorities are protesting that existing population figures do not reflect real numbers.
The new figures also embarrassed ministers, who have been caught out repeatedly in errors over the real impact of immigration.
Home Office immigration minister Liam Byrne told MPs yesterday that the highest possible level of the population in 2081 was 91 million - nearly 18 million short of the numbers being published in Whitehall as he spoke.
The minister’s admission came during a hearing on immigration conducted by the home affairs select committee.
Several members of the committee expressed concern at the impact of migration on public services such as schools, housing and crime.
Despite their concerns, Mr Byrne insisted that migration continued to have “enormous economic benefits” and cited figures suggesting that overseas workers were adding six billion pounds a year to British national output.
Immigration minister Liam Byrne has admitted the UK population could double by 2081
The scale of the new estimates suggests population increases in this century will match those of the industrial revolution during the 19th century.
The population doubled from 20million to 41million in 80 years between 1821 and 1901. But in more than 100 years since 1901, numbers have gone up by just 50 per cent.
Sir Andrew Green of Migrationwatch said: “This is a sharp reminder of what could happen to our population during this century if the Government fails to take action very soon to bring a halt to mass immigration. (ANI)

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