Bush was punctual because he was a hedgehog, Obama late because he is a fox!

February 7th, 2009 - 4:49 pm ICT by ANI  

Barack Obama

Washington, Feb 7 (ANI): There are two kinds of US presidents, Foxes and hedgehogs, and fox Barack Obama is routinely late to events and news conferences, according to Allan Lichtman, a political history professor at the American University.

Barely two weeks into his presidency, Barack Obama has made a clean break from George W. Bush, by appearing late for official events.

Obama closely resembles Bill Clinton, who was famously late to events when he was president. By contrast, Bush despised being late and was punctual to a fault.

Bush set the tone early in his presidency — he arrived at the Capitol five minutes early for his inauguration, FOX News reported.

President Bill Clinton was always late because he wasnt very disciplined in general, he said.

There are two kinds of presidents, Lichtman said: Foxes and hedgehogs.

Foxes know a little about everything. They have their fingers in every pie. … Hedgehogs only know a few things and know it well and leave the details to others. Clinton was a classic fox. Bush was a classic hedgehog.

And Obama? He appears to be a fox, too, Lichtman said.

Obama has been habitually late to events on the campaign trail and to meetings as a US Senator. In fact, theres a montage on YouTube of him offering apologies for missing testimony and presentations because of his late arrivals to meetings of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, FOX News reported.

The presidents tardiness already appears to have spread to others in his administration. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has been routinely late for daily news briefings, sometimes by more than an hour.

Obama was 45 minutes late on Friday for a ceremony in which he introduced a team of outside economic advisers.

Obam was 10 minutes late on Thursday to a memo signing at the Energy Department. He was nearly 30 minutes late on Wednesday for the ceremony at which he signed a bill to expand childrens health care. (ANI)

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