Brit teacher in Sudan may be lashed 40 times for ’slur on Islam’

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London, Nov.27 (ANI): A British teacher is facing the prospect of being lashed 40 times in Sudan for letting her pupils name a teddy bear Mohammed.
Fifty-four-year-old Gillian Gibbons was arrested and accused of blasphemy against Islams prophet, reports The Sun.
The teacher, from Liverpool, let her class of seven-year-olds choose the teddys name as part of a project at Unity High School in Sudans capital Khartoum.
She was said to be deeply distressed in a police cell last night after learning she faces the barbaric lashing under the Muslim states strict sharia law.
Police seized the 12 inch brown teddy complete with its handwritten name badge, describing it as evidence.
An angry group of young men was said to have gathered outside the police station where mum-of-two Gillian is being held to protest about her conduct.
The teacher formerly deputy head of Liverpools Dovecot primary school began a two-year posting in Khartoum two months ago.
She was arrested at her home on the school site even though no parents objected to the bears name.
It is thought another teacher, said to belong to a conservative Khartoum family, made a complaint.
An item on the Sudanese Media Centre website closely linked to the nations government reported Gillian could be prosecuted under faith and religions legislation.
The teacher, who is estranged from her husband Peter, could also face imprisonment or a large fine.
Authorities at the school have described Gillian as a timid and polite person, and someone whom the children love very much. Staffers said that Gillian is incapable of even hurting a fly, and would not deliberately do anything to malign Islam.
Her children Jessica, 27, and John, 25, would not comment last night. A relative said: They do not want to aggravate the situation.
Her case is being monitored by the British embassy in the city. (ANI)

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