Brit-Indian boy, who can speak in 11 languages

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Arpan speaks French with flair, rattles off German with ease and can hold a lengthy conversation in Swahili.

Besides his mother tongue English, Arpan speaks Hindi, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

A resident of Oldbury, West Mids, Arpan said: “Learning these languages is my favourite part of school along with music.”

The primary school pupil has taught himself five of them by using interactive, multimedia CD-ROMs and has been fluent in another since he was practically able to talk.

“French, Spanish, German and Italian, I learnt in school and I studied languages that were a bit more difficult by using CD-ROMs on the school computers,” Daily Mail quoted Arpan, as saying.

In addition, he also speaks Thai, Swahili, Polish, Chinese Mandarin and is currently studying the difficult Lugandan language of Uganda.

A member of the National Children’s Orchestra, Arpan uses his keen ear for music to listen to the correct pronunciation of words.

“Learning Swahili was probably one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced and Mandarin Chinese was hard too,” Arpan said, adding “But the teachers have been really helpful and it’s thanks to them that I’ve managed to learn so many languages,”

Arpan wishes to carry on learning foreign languages in secondary school.

And, his knowledge of nearly a dozen languages is not just for himself. Arpan feels his ability to speak multiple languages will be useful in communicating when he travels the world on the fulfilment of his dream to become a top surgeon.

“When I’m an adult, though, I want to be a surgeon who can work in all the hospitals of the world and speak the language of the country I’m in,” Arpan was quoted as saying by the daily.

Arpan learnt Italian when he was seven, German when he was eight, Spanish a year later and French last term.

This year he has studied a computer based programme called Junior Language Challenge, taking in Polish, Thai, Swahili, Chinese Mandarin and now Lugandan.

Language staff at the Blue Coat’s School in Edgbaston, Birmingham, described Arpan’s talents as “extraordinary”.

Languages teacher Nicky Lambert-Green, said: “Arpan has proven to be an incredible talent at learning so many languages at such a young age. It’s basically a language for every year of his life. He is a pleasure to teach.”

Deputy Headmaster Richard Lynn said: “He is without doubt the most talented pupil linguistically we’ve ever had and has represented us so many times in language competitions.” (ANI)

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