Brit couple’s house hit by giant block of ice from aircraft loo

July 23rd, 2010 - 4:58 pm ICT by ANI  

London, July 23 (ANI): An elderly British couple was left stunned when a giant block of ice fell on their home from an aircraft loo from over 5000 feet.

Retired council manager Vince Foote, 66, and wife Brenda, 64, were in bed when the two foot square missile crashed through the roof into their spare room.

“Brenda and I were asleep in bed and woke up at about 1.45am with a terrific start after hearing a massive bang which I thought at first could have been thunder,” the Sun quoted Vince as saying.

“I turned to Brenda and said ‘Have you seen any lightning? Do you think that was thunder?’ then thought it can’t be.

“We sat there in bed for a few minutes waiting to see if there would be another clap and when it never came I decided to spend a penny and went to check the spare room as well.

“When I tried to push open the door I couldn’t and realised something had happened.

“Eventually I gave the door a big shove and was confronted by loads of six inch square chunks of ice everywhere and debris all over the bed - the place was a right old mess.

“There was a huge gaping hole in the ceiling right above the bed where our two young grandchildren would have normally been sleeping if they had been staying with us.

“I went back to our bedroom and told Brenda a massive chunk of ice had crashed into the house and she thought I was dreaming it - we are just thankful it didn’t land on us.

“The force was so huge it shattered one of the wooden struts which keep the roof up.

“It could only have come from a transatlantic plane flying very high above us which jettisoned the ice,” he said.

Vince called the fire brigade who rushed to their retirement apartment in Chichester, West Sussex, went into the loft and confirmed it was probably ice from a passing aircraft. (ANI)

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