Brit Conservative Muslim Forum chief’s regular 10-year sex sessions with Hindu divorcee

November 14th, 2007 - 2:39 am ICT by admin  
According to News of the World, Baron Mohamed Iltaf Sheikh, who is the Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, enjoyed a decade of regular sex sessions with his Hindu mistress Saroj Dattani.

Saroj, 57, told the News of the World: “He used me for ten years making me believe that I would one day be his wife.

“He used me for pleasures in the bedroom that he said his wife wouldn’t provide. I often felt really dirty after being with him,” she added.

Millionaire Lord Sheikh, aged 66, lives in a mansion in Croydon, Surrey, and presents himself as a pillar of the Muslim community.

Last year, he was conferred with the title of Baron Sheikh of Cornhill in the City of London.

He claimed to share in the Tories belief in “enterprise, community, family and hard work”.

But all those values went out the window when he first set eyes on divorcee Saroj at an Indian restaurant in central London.

Saroj, who has two daughters and a son, recalled:”He was having dinner with this girl and I was in the restaurant working. We just got talking. He took my number and gave me a call. We met up the following day and things went on from there.

“I became fond of him. I was hard up and he looked after me, taking me to nice dinners and paying me attention. He started to help me with my mortgage payments and paid me for work I did for him. He would call me to his office to help do some filing and things like that and he would pay me the odd 50 pounds. We would often have sex in his office on the sofa,” she said.

Lord Sheikh is married to Shaida for the last 21 years and has a daughter named Zarina from his previous marriage.

Saroj said: “He would visit my house for sex twice a week. It was like an arrangement. He would come round every Tuesday and Friday.

“But he did feel bad that he was sleeping with a non-Muslim woman. He told me about Islam and gave me a Muslim name, Soraya.”

And the Bentley-driving Baron was so besotted by his lover that he invested 160,000 pounds to open a restaurant for her called Viceroy, in Purley. The restaurant ran for 18 months and closed down in March last year.

But the long relationship soured when Kenya-born Sheikh, who made his millions in insurance, was appointed a life peer.

Saroj said: “Once he got in a position of power he wanted to brush me under the carpet in case anyone found out about me and he got into trouble.”

And bizarrely Sheikh, who is also Chairman of the Conservative Ethnic Diversity Council, called off the relationship without uttering a word.

Saroj explained: “He summoned me into his car one day and handed me a note scribbled on the back of a speech he was going to make at the House of Lords.

It read: ‘I have taken an oath on the Koran not to speak to you or do anything with you. I must go. Please do not see me again’. I was furious and when I threatened to tell his wife about our affair he started writing again and handed me another note.

“It read: ‘If you do this I will say you provide me with sex for money. Other than sleeping with me what have you ever done for me’.”

Saroj now faces eviction from her home in south east London after the Baron stopped helping her with her mortgage payments.

“He has destroyed my life but he is enjoying a very comfortable life himself. He is a very selfish man,” she said.

In a statement, Lord Sheikh said last night: “It is true that I did have an affair, but it ended eight months ago and since then I have had no direct contact with the person involved. (ANI)

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