Bill Clinton Speech went overboard

August 28th, 2008 - 1:02 pm ICT by David M N James  

Bill Clinton giving his speech at the Democratic conventionFormer president Bill Clinton made his speech as he tried to marshal all the troops to rally behind Barrack Obama who was given the democratic presidential bid vote.

In his Wednesday speech Bill Clinton ad-libbed very little. He was expected to make most of it but seemed to mince some words and lacked the panache to make it rhyme to the occasion. Rather than giving an Obama profile booster, Clinton seemed to talk about any liberal candidate.

In his remarks, Clinton talked about unity. He was not specific about the democrats he seemed to be a nationalist. ‘America cannot be strong abroad unless we are stronger at home’. This was more liberal and national than campaigning for Obama. Sources say Clinton was forced to endorse Obama. He had limited choices and was more sympathetic to McCain since Obama floored his wife.

However Bill Clinton made a hard-hitting speech which was forthright. He was emphatic and he managed to fill hearts with gusto. He tried to open up and make it look like he was really into the Obama thing. Clinton went 10:33 over his allotted time and managed to make his act a successful one. Pundits say he did it in style and he did make inroads there. Clinton also used his charismatic leadership traits to inspire people with hope and vision about a democratic win. He seemed to try to reconcile some embattled supporters of his wife and the Obama group.

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