Berlusconi is the world’s most impotent man, says his ‘ex-mistress’

June 7th, 2009 - 3:10 pm ICT by ANI  

London, June 7 (ANI): The woman once rumoured to be the other woman in Silvio Berlusconi’s married life has apparently turned against him.

Back in 2003, when the Italian prime minister broadcast a statement on pension reform the announcer who introduced him to the world via television caught his eye.

Later, he sent Virginia Sanjust di Teulada a huge bunch of roses and gardenias, and invited her to lunch at his office. He even presented her with a diamond bracelet. Over the months that followed, they met often.

Now, speaking for the first time last week, Sanjust, 32, described the shattering consequences of her “platonic love” for Berlusconi, and the hullabaloo it created.

According to Sanjust, he had been consumed by the power his 4-billion pound fortune bestowed, reports The Times.

Sanjust, who was a 26-year-old divorcée with a son aged four when he spotted her, believes he should give up the relationships with young women.

“Berlusconi took me to heart,” she told Oggi magazine, confirming that he had given her bracelets and money.

“When he phoned me he’d tell me everything he was doing, he’d ask me if I needed something, he was very kind. But he never went beyond that,” she said.

She added that he often told her: “I could be your grandfather.”

Sanjust went on: “Perhaps he should admit that he made a mistake, that he was swept away by the power of money.”

“Sex is in the past for me, it’s only a memory. Platonic love, like the one I had for Berlusconi, is much more important. Can I say something provocative? Berlusconi is the most impotent man in the world, because the power the prime minister has is a false power if it’s not accompanied by faith,” she added.

Their relationship caught the public eye last year after her former husband, Federico Armati, an intelligence officer, filed a lawsuit accusing Berlusconi and Sanjust of conspiring to have him sacked.

A Rome judge shelved the case in January. (ANI)

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