‘Benazir “vulnerable and imperial,” her husband a warm-hearted fool’

November 14th, 2007 - 10:39 am ICT by admin  

The New York Times said in an article that Benazir, a graduate of Harvard and Oxford, brings the backing of Washington and London, where she impresses with her political lineage, her considerable charm and her persona as a female Muslim leader.

It further says that the former premier faces deep questions about her personal probity in public office, which have resulted in corruption cases against her in Switzerland, Spain, Britain and Pakistan.

“She believes she is the chosen one, that she is the daughter of (Pakistan People’s Party founder Zulfikar Ali) Bhutto and everything else is secondary,” the Daily Times quoted Faisal Naqvi, a corporate lawyer in Lahore who knows Benazir, as saying in the article.

The article says that Benazir’s marriage to Asif Ali Zardari was arranged by her mother, a fact that Bhutto has often said was easily explained, even for a modern, highly educated Pakistani woman.

Describing Zardari as “a warm-hearted fool,” who lacked Benazir’s education, Abida Hussain said he is known for his love of polo and other perquisites of the good life like fine clothes, expensive restaurants, homes in Dubai and London, and an apartment in New York.

It quoted said National Accountability Bureau former prosecutor general Farooq Adam Khan as saying that Zardari was minister of investment in Benazir’s second government, adding that it was from that perch that he made many of the deals that have haunted the couple in the courts.

Another former Senator Abdullah Riar said that one of Benazir’s main objectives in seeking to return to power is to restore the reputation of her husband, who was jailed for eight years.

“She told me, ‘Time will prove he is the Nelson Mandela of Pakistan,’” Riar said. (ANI)

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