Beijing will not be too hot for athletes during Olympics

February 24th, 2008 - 8:00 pm ICT by admin  

Beijing, Feb 24 (Xinhua) The Meteorological Bureau here has played down fears that Beijing would be unusually warm and humid for athletes during the Olympics in August. The meteorological bureau forecasts the average temperature to be about 24.9 degrees centigrade during that period and the possibility of the mercury crossing 35 degree centigrade is as low as 0.4 percent.

Guo Liwen, head of the bureau’s climate center told Xinhua that records in the last 30 years showed that Beijing’s average temperature in August to be 24.9 degrees centigrade, a relatively genial weather for the athletes.

He noted that there is no need to worry about the hot weather, adding that the data of 29.8 degrees centigrade as an average during August in Beijing as cited by some foreign media is incorrect.

“The 29.8 degrees centigrade is the average highest temperature in August,” he said.

Guo also said that the temperature and humidity in Beijing will decline gradually after August 7, the start of autumn in China’s traditional lunar calendar. Autumn is Beijing’s best time of the year.

“Even if the rare extreme weather hits Beijing in August, people will not feel muggy. High humidity will not accompany the hot weather in August because their climax periods are different,” said Wang Yubin, deputy chief engineer with the Beijing Meteorological Bureau.

He explained that in August, the most humid hour of the day is in the morning, while the hottest hour is in the afternoon.

The bureau’s research shows that the relative humidity has been 77 percent in August during the past three decades. The “heat index” of the Beijing Olympics is at the same level with Barcelona and better than that of Atlanta and Athens.

Wang said his bureau is capable of providing weather forecasts for Beijing and other co-host cities in six days’ advance, as well as hour-by-hour forecasts for Olympic venues.

The Beijing Meteorological Bureau has edited a brochure for weather forecast service, which will be distributed among athletes and coaches.

Beijing will also open an English-speaking hot line weather service during the Olympic Games, he said.

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