Asian origin Brit soldier says he was sexually tortured by racist squaddies

January 25th, 2009 - 10:54 am ICT by ANI  

London, Jan.25 (ANI): A British soldier, who was branded a `dirty Paki” because he is a quarter Asian in origin, has revealed how he was sexually tortured and beaten by racist squaddies over a period of three years.
In one horrifying attack, according to a News of The World report, Anthony Curtis claimed that he was stripped and lashed to a bed by laughing army thugs. He recalled that they also rammed a toothbrush up his backside, whipped him and poured urine over his head. The screaming teenager was also wrestled to the ground and held down while a laughing soldier wiped his bare bottom all over his face. Curtis, who has taken part in the famous changing of the guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace, has come forward to tell his terrifying story after the News of the World revealed how Prince Harry called an army pal our little Paki friend.
I was called a Paki from my very first day in the Army and it never stopped. All I ever wanted was to fight for my country alongside my comrades. It had always been my dream. But some of them even told me, If you go to Afghanistan well shoot you and leave you there because you are a dirty Paki,” Curtis is quoted, as saying. They picked on me because of my dark skin which I get from my Asian grandfather. I hate the Army now. My time there made me feel suicidal. I wish Id never joined, the 20-year-old added. A shattered Anthony is now on sick leaveand his shameful three-year ordeal is the subject of a top-level Army investigation.
I hope that the army will arrest those responsible and bring them to face trial. I think what Prince Harry said was outrageous. If racism by him is condoned what example does that set for other soldiers? Nobody should have to go through what I did just because they want to serve their country and their skin is slightly darker. It is horrific, Curtis said. (ANI)

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