Anderson Cooper Dives Into Shark Infested Waters On CBS “60 Minutes”

June 7th, 2010 - 8:31 pm ICT by GD  

012561 CBS “60 Minutes” aired “The Sharkman” on June 6 which showed Mike Rutzen and Anderson Cooper diving into the shark infected waters without any protection.

Reportedly the white sharks which fills the sea of South Africa has been one of the few animals about which very less is known to people. Divers seldom get a chance to get close to the deadly predator.

There is however one man who has spent almost half of his life in studying the white sharks and he is none other than Mike Rutzen a.k.a “The Sharkman.”

Quite contrary to what people think about the white shark being a dangerous animal, Mike Rutzen says that he believes these white sharks are one of the “smartest” animals in the world.

They are no “killing machines” as they are called. Instead they can be a great object of study if one holds on to his patience while dealing with them.

Mike Rutzen and Anderson Cooper went for a boat ride in South Africa where Mike Rutzen introduced Anderson Cooper to his “Player” which happens to be a white shark who is calm in nature. It was surprising for Anderson Cooper to have witnessed the undying love which Mike Rutzen have for these animals.

The bond is so strong that the South African is even ready to dive in to the shark infected waters several times without any fear.

As for Anderson Cooper he said that the dive made him glad but he also made it clear that he shall have to think it over twice before he could do it again.

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