Accident expert cites French failings at Di’s crash site

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According to Scotland Yard’s senior road accident expert, Tony Read, French police investigators did not recover all the debris and some “significant” pieces from the scene.

Their malfunctioning led to the wastage of valuable time in identifying that a Fiat Uno was involved and had failed to stop, he said.

“It does not appear that anyone understood that it was a Fiat Uno until some days after the collision had taken place,” the Daily Express quoted Read, as saying.

He also told the hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London that a similar crash in the UK might have been followed up with a thorough search of the scene, with the tunnel closed for several days instead of a few hours.

“There would have been all manner of scientific support brought in. Everything that possibly came from the vehicle would have been collected,” he said.

British and French police believe that Diana and Dodi Fayed’s Mercedes, driven by Henri Paul, clipped a white Fiat Uno before smashing into a concrete pillar in the Alma Tunnel in Paris on August 31 1997.

he jury was told that evidence was building up to support the theory that a third blocking car and also a motorcycle following the couple’s Mercedes helped cause the fatal crash.

A lawyer for Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed, who believes the couple were murdered, told the jury that there was growing support for the theory that the Fiat Uno was not the only vehicle involved in the crash.

Michael Mansfield QC, who outlined the situation on Nov 7, said at least three witnesses had reported seeing a dark-coloured vehicle driving slowly in the fast left-hand lane as the Mercedes entered the tunnel.

Behind the Mercedes, according to witnesses, was at least one motorcycle, perhaps with someone on board taking flash photography of the couple.

“And if a speeding Mercedes pursued by a motorcycle at the very least is suddenly confronted with a slow-moving vehicle that does not get out of the way, you really have all the ingredients for a certain crash,” Mansfield said.

Dodi’s father Mohamed Al Fayed has been claiming that the couple died as a result of a plot directed by Prince Philip and carried out by rogue intelligence agents.

But Read dismissed the conspiracy theory to explain the crash, branding it as a “non-starter”.

He told the inquest that there was “little chance” of a plan involving three mystery vehicles, two cars and a motorbike, intentionally causing the accident later.

“Participants in the venture would have to understand and have to have accepted the very real possibility that they would be seriously injured, if not killed, themselves,” he said. (ANI)

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