8yr-old British prodigy is world’’s cleverest child

January 26th, 2009 - 5:45 pm ICT by ANI  

London, Jan 26 (ANI): Ainan Cawley, an eight-year-old British prodigy, is thought to be world’’s cleverest children.

Ainan Cawley, who lives in Singapore with his expatriate family, is studying chemistry at college. He passed a GCSE at the age of seven.

Ainan was crawling when he was four months old, walking two months later and started to read at eight months.

He can recite Pi - the number starting 3.14 that gives the ratio of a circle’’s circumference to its diameter - to 518 decimal places. He also knows the periodic table by heart.

“He has loads of friends his own age and plays games .. But he relates to adults as easily. He is a child very driven to explore and understand things, especially science,” the Sun quoted Ainans dad Valentine Cawley, as saying.

Ainan will be featured in a documentary, The World’’s Cleverest Child and Me, on Channel 4 on Wednesday. (ANI)

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