World’s costliest kennel coming up in Britain for $380,000

November 26th, 2008 - 11:14 am ICT by IANS  

London, Nov 26 (IANS) A dog’s life? It will probably be the object of envy in Britain, which will soon have the world’s costliest dog house, pegged at 250,000 pounds ($380,000).The luxury house is coming up on the property of a lady surgeon in a private estate near Cirencester in Gloustershire for a pair of pet Great Danes.

It has been designed by leading British architect Andy Ramus and will be built from materials such as zinc, glass and limestone. When completed, it will be a quarter of the size of the main three-bed house.

The house will actually be two separate accommodations fronting either side of the main house. Each set will have a living room, dining area and bedroom. But the Danes will have to share the common swimming pool and recreation areas, reports the Daily Mail.

The kennel will admit the dog after a security retina scan. The day lounge will have a 52-inch plasma television playing dog-friendly programmes. There will also be a 150,000 pound music system if the dog wants to yap away its time.

When hungry, the dog will have to just paw the food and drinks dispenser. They will be automated with chilled, filtered water and deluxe dry food. The pet will not have to bother about cleaning its bowl: they are self-cleaning after every meal.

Sleep time and the dog can shut eye on a sheepskin-lined bed, which is temperature-controlled. They are elevated to allow the dogs to watch over the house.

‘Dog-vision’ webcams will allow their owner to monitor their activity 24 hours a day.

Not the least, another house will be built adjacent to the dog house, for the dogs’ mistress to live in. The local council has approved the plans and construction will begin next spring. The owner wants to remain anonymous.

Jeremy Paxton, owner of the private estate where the house is located, said: “Most houses are built with human specifics in mind and animals fit in around that - but this is the other way round. It’s a very interesting house with fabulous architecture and unusual requirements.”

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