World No Tobacco day hits the road to 31st May

May 28th, 2008 - 10:59 pm ICT by David M N James  

The World Health Organization has made May 31st the World No Tobacco day. The day will marked internationally as an awareness campaign. This year’s theme is a tobacco free youth. The theme carries a message ‘Ban all tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship’ something which the tobacco industry is not raising any brows on. The theme is meant to encourage countries to focus on banning all forms of direct and indirect tobacco advertising. This will increase awareness in the youth and will facilitate to help protect the youth from becoming smokers and tobacco products users.

31ST May will predominantly feature as a limelight to the most easily preventable death cause. This will be the World Tobacco day. The emphasis is on the youth who are joining the large populace of smokers. Smoking has been criticized and made to sound like the most lethal weapon of self murder. In this years Tobacco day, the World Health Organization and other stakeholders are aiming at creating awareness in youth and create a tobacco free youth in the global society.

The day has been already panned with thousands of banners, posters and campaign material already prepared and listed on the site ‘world no tobacco day.
World No Tobacco Day
Many governments within a cross continental perspectives are grooming both the media and other advertising bodies to tell the world about the dangers of smoking. Smoking is blamed for thousands of lung cancer related deaths though millions of people continue to smoke regardless of the imminent threat of lung cancer and other related ailments.

The event will blacken the image of the Tobacco industry and continue to blunt the vigor of smoking. Many players in the tobacco industry have not come out to create any kind of assumptions on their products and instead have over the years watched from a far as the world continues to blame them and cut down their income.

Passive smokers are at risk of death and even social isolation since most countries are endorsing a free-smoking environment. Many governments are spending heavily on raising the risks posed by smoking.

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