Three-year-old rescued from bore well, rushed to hospital

March 26th, 2008 - 11:59 pm ICT by admin  

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Agra, March 26 (IANS) Three-year-old Vandana, who fell into a 50-foot deep bore well shaft in a village near here, was pulled out of the pit late Wednesday after daylong rescue efforts. She was rushed to a hospital for medical examination. Vandana, from Tehra village in Saiyan block of Agra, fell into the uncovered cylindrical pit near her home Tuesday evening.

There was much jubilation as she was brought out of the well after 27 long hours.

“Our joy knows no bounds, we are excited and relieved. It’s indeed a great day for us having successfully carried out an operation of this nature,” said an army official who was part of the rescue efforts.

Army personnel formed a human chain at the site to keep the rejoicing crowd at bay.

Little Vandana was immediately rushed to a waiting ambulance, which headed for Agra’s medical college, where her thorough medical examination will be done.

Army personnel, police and fire brigade experts worked hard throughout the day to save the girl, who was provided with glucose, oranges and oxygen in the well. She was pulled out after rescuers dug a parallel pit nearly 10 feet away from the bore well.

“The biggest problem was that the soil was not stable, it is sandy and easily caves in. We had to, therefore, inch forward carefully, picking up the scooped mud without causing a tremor or vibrations,” an army official said.

Nightfall only added to the difficulties of the rescue teams, as the child reportedly sank a good two feet deeper down the pit.

Vandana’s cries could be heard continuously, indicating that she was alive, Senior Superintendent of Police Neera Rawat had said earlier.

The three-year-old’s mother and thousands of villagers prayed for her life through the day, while many other sat atop walls, keenly watching the rescue efforts.

Crew of several TV channels had also descended on this small village, tracking every move of the army and police officials.

Less than two years ago, in July 2006, another five-year-old boy, named Prince, had fallen into a nearly 60-ft deep shaft near his home in Shahbad in Kurukshetra, Haryana. Little Prince survived the ordeal after the army rescued him after rescue operations that stretched beyond two full days.

A parallel tunnel was dug up from a dried up well alongside the shaft to rescue Prince after almost 50 hours.

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