The Earth Day: How can we make it more meaningful?

April 22nd, 2008 - 12:03 pm ICT by amritpal  

Celebration of the Earth Day is apparently being hailed as a welcome news - something which could save the earth. In my opinion, the importance of celebrating a day is only a realization that “Earth” is going to be in more problems than ever so we do our duty to just put a day in its name. To my mind, Earth Day is just a tiny part of the journey of reminding all of us, how bad the things are. Nothing more than that. The bigger question still remains unanswered. What are we doing to save the planet?

This is an era of pop-environmentalism. The article here captures the spirit aptly.”Launched in 1970 as a protest against corporate environmental misconduct, Earth Day has become a planet-hugging marketing frenzy for companies themselves. Makers of everything from snack chips to sport-utility vehicles now use April 22 to boast about their efforts to help save the planet. Pitching energy-efficient products, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., once criticized for being environmentally unfriendly, isn’t content with a mere Earth Day. In a national marketing campaign, the retailer is declaring April “Earth Month.”

As I have been saying the governments, organizations, meetings, conferences, concerts are not going to help. We have to help ourselves. Look at your kids and grandkids who are going to inherit the planet. Don’t they deserve a cleaner / greener Earth? If the answer is yes, let’s understand that this issue is too important to be left to be done by these organizations, who will have some or other interests at the helm of their policies.

Now, I would like to tell you about my vision which I am totally convinced with and would welcome like minded people for elaborate discussions. I am NOT an environmentalist in the academic way this word is used. I am an environment lover, entrepreneur and a ” Tree Specialist”. I am the Founder and President of . What we do is that we give the opportunity to people so that they can reduce their carbon footprints on their own. is based on the concept of division of labor. Assuming you are a banker, a businessman or a lwayer, you won’t have enough time, interest or expertise to plant a tree and take care of it so that it becomes useful for mankind. We are plantation specialists and have plantations in Thailand, Indonesia, India, Vietnam etc. We give you the opportunity to adopt the trees. The amount donated by you for the adoption is spent in taking care of the trees and ensuring that it remains healthy. This adoption is valid for 5 years after which the adoption needs to be renewed. In order to give incentive to people, we are providing a healthy rate of return on your investment. You may check out the details on the website . It is like plantations online. You just have to adopt trees and we will do all the hardwork for you.

Would love to have feedback from like minded people. Drop a mail to me
(The author Mr. Bal Kishan Kayan is the founder president of

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